Cancer surveillance


    Lesion: Juvenile polyposis. Multiple juvenile polyps in the rectum and the colon.

    Treatment: polypectomy, surveillance 1-2 years.


    Adenocarcinoma of the right colon in 11 -year-old boy with significant weight loss, anemia, and ascites. Colonoscopy revealed severe edema of the distal part of the ascending colon. Further exploration of the ascending colon showed ulcerated large tumor. The biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of mucinous adenocarcinoma.

    Treatment: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy.

    Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the ileum

    • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the ileum. The indications for a colonoscopy were intermittent severe right low quadrant pain, weight loss, and anemia. The intussusception was found in the descending colon. It was gently reduced after the tissue samples were cautiously obtained.

    • Treatment: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy.


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