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Endoscope equipment disinfection (translation)

Equipment contaminated can transmit infection from one patient to another andeven to staff. Germs may be pathogenic or opportunistic germs from other patient in the patient immunocompromised. Probe and adequate cleaning is a major concern for the safety of patient and...

Endoscopic equipments (translation)

Phan Thi Hien, "Esophagus-stomach-duodenum endoscopy in children", Medical Publishing House, Hanoi, Jan 2019 (page 21-33). Extract from specialty book: “NỘI SOI THỰC QUẢN – DẠ DÀY – TÁ TRÀNG TRẺ EM”, Nhà xuất bản...

Foreign body ingestion

Lesion: The boy 2-year old had a 2cm diameter bouton battery at the upper one-third of esophagus with ulcers, about 2cm from upper esophageal sphincter