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About Us
        Dear Colleagues,

       Gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy plays an important role in medicine in general and gastrointestinal field in particular. GI endoscopy in Vietnamese children has been indicated in diagnosis of esophageal, gastropathy, duodenal, colorectal and ileum disorders in adult endoscopy room for a long time. In the

decade of 2005 – 2015, the development of technology and endoscopic equipment led to the foundation of pediatric GI endoscopy room and GI endoscopy can be performed even in newborn, from which disorders such as GI bleeding, peptic ulcers, colon polyps, esophageal dilatation, stent placement,…Nowadays, pediatric GI endoscopy in Vietnam remains non-homogeneous, lacks unity, which is only conducted at some provincial hospitals and has not been updated according to the current medical

system worldwide.

       In order to standardize and develop pediatric GI endoscopy in Vietnam, we hope to receive comments and contributions from colleagues in improving this website.

       Sincerely yours,




Ton Thi Thanh Ha - Children's Hospital 1

Vo Hoang Khoa - Pediatric department of Children’s Hospital 2 - Vietnam

Dang Thuy Ha - Vietnam National Children's Hospital

Nguyen Thi Viet Ha - Vietnam National Children's Hospital

Bui Thi Hang - Hai Duong General Hospital

Le Thi Huong - Vietnam National Children's Hospital

Nguyen Loi - Vietnam National Children's Hospital

Quach Van Nam - Saint Paul Hospital

Nguyen Kim Thanh - Vietnam National Children's Hospital

Nguyen Van Tinh - Vietnam National Children's Hospital

Other countries

Federici Di Abriola Giovanni - Bambino Jesus Hospital - Italy

Francesca Rea - Bambino Jesus Hospital - Italy

​Faraci Simona - Bambino Jesus Hospital - Italy



Nguyen Van Bang - Vietnam Pediatric Association

​Nguyen Minh Ngoc - Children's Hospital 2

Hoang Le Phuc - Children's Hospital 1

Other countries

Patrick Bontems - Erasme Hospital - Belgium

​Tsuyoshi Sogo - Saiseikai Yokohama City Tobu Hospital - Japan