Benign and malignant esophageal tumors

    Benign esophageal tumors

    Squamous papilloma: verrucous papillated shape

    Leiomyoma: polypoid lesions

    Fibrovascular Polyp


    Granular cell tumor: narrowing of the middle portion of the esophagus with a small area of erosion
    Hyperplastic polyp: ulcerative acute esophagitis with granulation tissue

    Malignant esophageal tumors

    Squamous Cell Carcinoma: With narrow-band imaging, “metallic silver sign” , revealed mixture of stained and unstained area

    Multifocal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Adenocarcinoma: ulcerated, constricting tumor in several centimeters above the esophagogastric junction, arising in a segment of Barrett's esophagus

    Kaposi Sarcoma: Raised, slightly violet colored lesions in the midesophagus

    Initial management

    •Biopsy: Histology examination

    •Other test based on endoscopy images: esophagogram chest Xray; CT, endoscopic Ultrasonograph Bronchoscopy, PET scan


    –Endoscopic mucosal resection



    –Surgery to remove part of or whole tumors