Esophageal stenosis

    Lesion: Esophageal stenosis (1mm of diameter) at 4cm from upper sphincter and 13cm from front teeth, straight shaft, no oedema, no diverticula, no fistula in the boy 2-year-old operated esophagael astresia

    X ray: Esophageal stenosis located at the D4, straight shaft, no diverticula, no fistula. Large esophagus on upper stenosis

    Initial Management

    • Barium esophagram radiology

    • CT scan Δ ≠: Congenital or extrinsic esophageal stricture

    • Treatment:

    – Endoscopy: Esophageal dilatation ± intralesional steroid injection, Mytomycin C, stent

    – Surgery: Esophageal anatomosis or replacement of the esophagus (by stomach or colon)